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NEW Classes for Spring 2017! Electro-Belly Choreography!


(NEW) Electro-Belly Choreography Class (Vancouver – BC)

April 5 – June 21 2017
Wednesday evenings 7:30 – 9:30pm
@ Yogabuttons Studio
2525 W. Broadway – Vancouver – transit right outside, and street parking all around (lots of side streets that are usually empty for parking at that time)

Skill Level – Intermediate/Beginner 2 Levels (some experience is helpful, sometimes we go fast!)

Each class will begin with Lava’s Flexi-Belly Classes, to warm up and learn more about moving and preparing your body for Bellydance movement. These are mind/body Awareness training classes that teach you how to ‘push the envelope’ with your own strength and flexibility, while maintaining Balance and Peace.

We will continue the focus of the Flexi-Belly portion of each class with working on Backward Bending & Leg extensions practice, and training your body to extend effortlessly through your Spine! Through various practices, we will explore several ways for you to approach 2 very important components that will not only greatly improve your bellydance technique and abilities, but also greatly improve your physical health, with pointers you can use for practice and daily life …Opening the Hips and Spinal Extension!

This will be followed by “the Drills”! Kicking it into high gear. A practice in Essential Bellydance Isolations and Layering challenges, that will take your technique to new heights! Everyone works at their own pace/level and works towards developing your own natural abilities and beyond. Be fearless to venture into new territory for yourself and benefit fiercely! I love to layer, and we will look at both introducing you to the Art of Layering (moves), as well as jumping into some challenges to keep you progress moving forward. There should be plenty for everyone at all levels to enjoy.
We will work on a choreography (throughout the 8 weeks) for mind/muscle memory challenge and stylistic expressions. Applying your technique to your dance. Fusion styling of dance to keep expanding your mind and learn to push yourself past your comfort zones in dance. We are in this together!

Registration fee (options)
12 weeks of classes
Full Registration $300.00
$30.00 drop in fee – each class (cash, Visa or MasterCard at the door)

Registration Payments may also be made by e-transfer for registrations – send e-transfer to lavastudio@live.ca (include which classes the payment is for)
for payments made by Visa and/or MasterCard – send email to lavastudio@live.ca for secure credit card payment link
any questions email to lavastudio@live.ca



Wednesday evenings 7:30 – 9:30pm


Electro-Belly Choreography Class Spring Session 2017

Wednesdays 7:30 – 9:30pm
Yogabuttons Studio – 2525 W.Broadway – Vancouver, BC
Registration Fee – Apr.5 – June 21 2017 (12 weeks)
Full Registration $300.00
Drop in fee $30.00

$300.00 (plus paypal fee) * At checkout, Paypal gives you a choice to pay as a guest by credit card or Visa debit card, as well.




Electro-Belly Choreography Class Summer Session 2017

Wednesdays 7:30 – 9:30pm
Yogabuttons Studio – 2525 W.Broadway – Vancouver, BC
Registration Fee – July 5 – Aug. 23 2017 (8 weeks)
Full Registration $190.00
Drop in fee $30.00

$190.00 (plus paypal fee) * At checkout, Paypal gives you a choice to pay as a guest by credit card or Visa debit card, as well.




*** NEW!!!*** “Bellydance Backbends” Workshop (from the “I AM Strong” Flexi-Belly Series)



Sunday June 18 11:00am – 1:00pm
Harbour Dance Ctr.- 927 Granville St. 3rd floor
Registration fee – $25.00

From Lava’s “I AM Strong” Flexi-Belly Series, you will learn many ways to improve your spinal movement and develop beautiful, strong, graceful backbends. Bellydance movement uses all degrees of backbending for various moves, and understanding good technique and alignment will unlock your spine and increase mobility through these moves. Lava has spent years researching and practicing Backward Bending, and will share all her helpful techniques to bring your health and movement into a fabulous place to start and/or improve your spinal bends.
Lava’s Flexi-Belly Classes give you the tools to train effectively and safely, while you develop your body Awareness and begin to understand the mind/body connection – Strength and Flexibility work together, and so we must appreciate both in order to do well for our bodies. Flexibility and Strength in the body come with the Strength and Flexibility of the Mind.

Lava will teach you these training techniques, followed by applying them into your Bellydance moves and learning personal stylization! Become more fluid and graceful with your Core movements and Torso waves and shapes, while building the strength to support Grace and Control with all of your backbends!

All skill levels are welcome – even an absolute beginner can learn how to start their path to Backward Bending, and begin a journey that will change your life forever. Unlocking the Spine, and the energy trapped within, will take your energy and enthusiasm to new heights and expand your movement capabilities and your mind!
This class is good for dancers, and anyone who would like to improve their spinal health and well-being.

Please bring a yoga mat! (and water)

* this class will have limited space, Boutique Style Class to ensure one on one attention!


$25.00 (plus paypal fee) * At checkout, Paypal gives you a choice to pay as a guest by credit card or Visa debit card, as well.


NEW!! Beginner Fusion Bellydance Technique Spring Session 2017

Learn the fundamental movements in Bellydance Technique from the very beginning, and bring your movement vocabulary to life! Join the many fabulous souls who have turned to dance to take care of their bodies, express their heart and passions, open their minds and enrich their lives! In these classes we will work hard at getting the flow of Bellydance into your whole being, and get you on your way to perfecting hip shimmies, body waves, and more! This class is great for both absolute beginners and those working at level 1. This mysterious movement will be unveiled… and you, too, will bellydance!

*** Classes Cancelled – Check back for a new Beginner Series coming soon – Sign up for Lava Studio Newsletter to stay “In the Loop”!
Yogabuttons Studio – 2525 W.Broadway – Vancouver, BC


Personal Dance & Yoga Training Sessions

Looking for private lessons? Try out Lava’s Personal Dance & Yoga Training Sessions One on one training designed for all your individual needs…

For extra practice while you wait, visit the Online Classes website!


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