“Super Sonic” – new album by Lava – AVAILABLE NOW! New Release Special! (for a limited time only)
Dance tracks to keep you moving on your dance floor!

    Album Track Listing

1. Super Sonic 1 (drill track)
2. Electro-Static Dub
3. Super Sonic 2 (drill track)
4. Retro Space Disco
5. Super Sonic 3 (drill track)
6. Voyaging the Obscure
7. Sonic Signals
8. Dream State

* 8 songs (almost a full hour of music) for $5.99 (limited time only)
All songs deserve a good headphone listen – tracks 7 & 8 good for meditation music.
*Downloads will appear in alphabetical order (in your download link), but load into album order in your iTunes/music library.



Full Super Sonic album for only $5.99! (limited time only)



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